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9816 South Jordan Gateway
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Gear Review: Peregrine Radama 1 Tent




Gear Review: Peregrine Radama 1 Tent

Tyler Jones

John Edmondson gives his first-hand review of the new Peregrine Radama 1 tent.


Before staking it down and tying off the guylines, it takes me less than two minutes to set up the new Peregrine Radama 1 tent. The ease of setting up this tent allows me to hike longer and set up camp later in the day than I would with other tents.

The extra-wide door is awesome. With the door open, the Radama 1 gives me full access to my gear and even makes getting in and out of my sleeping bag a lot easier. The Radama 1 offers a great inside height that makes me forget I’m in a one-person tent. There’s no feeling of constriction, even with the fly.


The guylines do a great job at spreading the rainfly out, giving the tent a better wind/rain protection stance while also increasing breathability. When in Fast Flight Mode (rainfly, poles, and Fast Flight Footprint only) the Radama 1 provides ample room for two adults should the situation call for it.


The Gear Loft Theater, great for holding tablets, GPS units, and other gear, sits nice and tight against the ceiling and the corner mesh-pocket helps keep the tent organized and the floor clear for sleeping without the clutter.

Taking down the tent was just as easy as setting it up, getting me back on the trail without any hassle. With poles and stakes packed separately, the tent, rainfly, and footprint compress down nicely, saving space in my pack.

I’ve received a handful of “I want one!” comments from friends that have seen the tent. The versatility, quality, design, and price ($139.95 w/ footprint) of the Radama 1 are proving this tent to be a popular one.